G00001   BattleRoyale
G00002   Tron3D
G00007   StarWar
G00009   Poquémon
G16109   Tron3D 2017
G57610   Dominator
P00000   Hello world!
P10051   Worst path
P10387   Minimum cost of a correct parenthesization (2)
P10432   ApocalypseNow2018
P10622   Three points
P10694   Bars (3)
P11141   Students
P11455   Optimal Matrix Multiplication
P11655   Equal sums (3)
P11725   Sequential search in an array
P11754   Els amics dels meus amics són els meus amics
P11875   Multiples of 7
P11879   Póker
P11888   Swimming pool
P11914   The lightest pearl
P11916   Approximation of e
P12061   Words between two words
P12120   Induced subgraphs
P12200   An easy chess problem
P12234   Splitting some coins
P12284   Most frequent words
P12454   Life expectancy
P12471   Similar statements (5)
P12494   The long night
P12509   recursive factorial
P12603   Permutations with repetition
P12675   Common elements
P12828   Zeros and ones (1)
P12848   First palindromic numbers
P12887   Minimum spanning trees
P12956   Planet Cake
P13133   Haskell - Computations (1)
P13289   How much can he sleep?
P13304   Separated investment with stacks
P13623   Chess board (2)
P13827   I2R03. AVL trees
P13994   Weighted shortest path (2)
P14098   Multisets (4)
P14130   Equal to the last one
P14177   Similar statements (3)
P14343   Judge (1)
P14410   P0017. Siracusa attacks again
P14952   Topological sort
P14998   Collection of numbers
P15243   Fjölkveradalur
P15286   Days of week
P15549   Bubble sort
P15601   Harrichu y and the maze
P15613   Temperatures
P15695   Largest prime factor
P15714   P0013. Words between dashes
P16072   Array intersection
P16100   Omgillas
P16111   P0010. Words in odd positions
P16175   F002B. Compressed vectors
P16248   Robots
P16249   Task ordering
P16327   Simple types and strings (2)
P16356   Perfect primes (2)
P16415   Queens (1)
P16425   Control C501A
P16479   Nonograms
P16544   Block and escape!
P16553   All hamiltonian cycles
P16636   The Rocky Horror Picture Show
P16893   Is it the solution of a Sudoku?
P16898   Cover a board
P17179   Statistical measures
P17438   The game of Nim
P17539   Escape from Leng
P17598   Balance (2)
P17681   El campanar de la Torrassa is 75 years old!
P17695   Counting problem (2)
P17866   The hungry knight
P17913   Iterative double factorial
P17921   Queens (2)
P17957   Electrical grids
P18110   Firefighters and grannies (1)
P18203   Fermat's last theorem (2)
P18298   Roman numbers (1)
P18540   The console one
P18546   Cheapest cycle
P18593   Sum of trees
P18660   Word search
P18679   Balance beam (1)
P18760   Escape from the board
P18777   Day of the week
P18900   Latin square
P18957   Subsets (1)
P18992   Othello
P19127   Printing a tree
P19374   Transitive closure
P19515   Flattened trees
P19533   Team selection
P19564   Control C301B
P19587   Number of paths
P19724   El campanar de la Torrassa
P19727   Battleship
P19852   Knights
P19854   Word search
P19991   Chess board (3)
P20006   Prefixed expression (2)
P20023   Minimal price
P20195   Solitaire game
P20262   Maximum sums
P20294   Swedish coins (2)
P20368   Change
P20463   Planarity
P20584   Unrank pairs of parentheses
P20613   Lost BSTs
P20867   Zeros and ones
P20941   Ranking AVL trees
P21036   Trees - Printing a tree
P21156   Dyslexic taxi driver (2)
P21174   String insertion
P21214   Oh, Sab!
P21277   Leaks in the Jutge (1)
P21281   Most frequent factor
P21399   Elastic collisions
P21459   50 x 50 != 250
P21551   Much more efficiently, please!
P21654   Ranking sums
P21691   Are they all palindromes?
P21831   Smallest palindrome
P21895   P0004. Strobogrammatic numbers
P21926   Fibonacci numbers (1)
P22110   Multisets (3)
P22292   Roses and pots (2)
P22295   The travelling tortoise
P22418   Dramatic chipmunks
P22437   Velociraptor is fit
P22467   Perfect primes
P22482   Heads or tails
P22494   Nice partition
P22600   Vel Tech exam 2018
P22654   Time decomposition (2)
P22662   Friend numbers
P22695   Kick-ass musical offering
P22716   Stuck on videogames
P22796   Generalized chess knight
P23001   Consecutive repeated words
P23069   Small sums
P23267   Systems of difference constraints
P23318   Balances
P23374   Easy game?
P23406   Picture
P23800   A gas station too far
P23968   Cabin optimization
P23996   Square
P24077   Game of Life
P24080   Squares (1)
P24216   Fiscal Identification Number (FIN)
P24265   Triplicant una matriu
P24301   Concatenation of vectors
P24381   Print a cross
P24413   Cool pairs
P24438   Left child, right sibling (3)
P24544   Marble exchanges
P24674   Permutations of words
P24695   The Voight-Kampff test
P24730   Nursery school
P24818   Parity of the number of divisors
P24879   Minimum cost to make two words equal
P24891   Get a job
P24951   Optimal blue-red tree
P25002   Polynomials
P25054   Haskell - Functions with lists
P25090   F009B. The toys of the nursery
P25174   Many in line
P25235   Weighted shortest path (3)
P25261   Sort
P25401   How many different?
P25513   The FME graph (2)
P25738   Do it for the kids, Chuck!
P25788   Basic (2)
P25832   Extended Fibonacci numbers
P25992   Separated sort
P26005   The one of the edition distance (I)
P26041   Reversing a list of words (1)
P26068   Poker
P26100   Game of life (1)
P26141   Rational numbers (4)
P26271   Rajos???
P26374   Sum of square matrices
P26406   Similar statements (2)
P26492   Balanced numbers
P26585   Pool table (2)
P26615   Digital Circuits
P26757   Ceiling shower
P26855   Dijkstra?
P26979   Toric necklaces
P27048   Sorting the puzzle
P27152   The value of the letters
P27158   Wild party
P27283   Game of the life (2)
P27309   Leaves and bees
P27411   I-th (2)
P27459   Covering a board
P27498   Transposed matrix
P27519   Distance between polygons
P27526   Control C401C
P27780   Building a wall
P27804   especulars trees
P27895   Backpack with weights and values
P27960   Pacific knights
P28079   Distance to the nearest point
P28118   P0002. Commercial representative
P28198   Masao's new house
P28318   Rows and columns
P28620   Looping path
P28661   The burger's game
P28695   Lamps and batteries
P28754   Reversed number in binary
P28992   Hamiltonian path
P29017   Printing stacks
P29033   Two colors
P29040   Haskell - Sorting
P29054   Narcissistic numbers
P29094   Position of the maximum
P29212   Modular exponentiation
P29216   Minimal change?
P29230   Every change
P29253   Roman numbers (2)
P29346   Find the keys
P29428   F002A. Infixes
P29448   Correct dates
P29558   Mr. Hu
P29973   Triangle
P30012   Product trees
P30135   Ants
P30170   Repeated words
P30196   While iterations
P30288   Just Dijkstra
P30322   The game of the life
P30452   Cycle detection
P30641   Pacman
P30744   Robots (2)
P31111   Parentheses
P31170   Multiplication table
P31278   Neighbors and colors
P31389   Rooks inside a rectangle
P31571   Automatic translation
P31589   Some parenthesizations
P31618   The twenty-one casks
P31675   The cask of amontillado
P31745   Haskell - Usage of higher order functions (2)
P31761   Multiply
P32049   Maximum benefit path
P32090   Magic triangles
P32149   P0001. Upward numbers
P32323   Easter Sunday
P32333   Haskell - Various factorials
P32445   Superqueens
P32572   Missing triangle
P32575   Mad_Max_Revisited
P32655   Left child, right sibling (1)
P32669   Rock-paper-scissors
P32698   Satan is my Lord!
P32954   Sort three
P33371   Caesar cipher
P33412   Resistant dichotomic search
P33549   Random paths
P33564   Interpreter
P33597   Prefixes and suffixes
P33650   Odds or evens?
P33748   Subsets (2)
P33839   Sum of digits
P33845   Japanese parking garages
P33851   Curse word
P33955   Contracting gas
P34080   Squares (2)
P34091   Perfect numbers
P34279   Add one second
P34324   Random geometric graphs
P34343   Some sequences of bits (2)
P34438   Countries and provinces (2)
P34441   Simulating recursion (2)
P34451   Control C201C
P34606   The princess bride
P34682   Fixed points
P34745   Filling a bookshelf (1)
P34755   Longest palindrom
P34848   Similar statements (6)
P35080   Squares (4)
P35117   Chess club
P35187   Military parade
P35352   Parentheses
P35537   Increasing numbers
P35547   Easter Sundays
P35586   Triplets of different numbers
P35814   Filling a bookshelf (2)
P35849   Counting problem (1)
P35853   Simple calculator
P35895   OrkIsland
P35941   The Gold-Bug
P35957   Middle digits
P35971   F009A. Traversing matrices
P36031   Bingo
P36035   The box the rays
P36054   Minimizing the cost of a graph
P36384   Parentheses and brackets
P36399   99 problems in Haskell - Part 2 (Lists continued)
P36430   Fermat's last theorem (1)
P36563   Cycles
P36665   Maximum sum of paths
P36668   Sum of squares
P36671   Genetic code
P36811   P0008. Sums and substractions
P36853   Rebuilding binary search trees
P36895   Ivan the Terrible
P36909   Sadism
P37001   Graphs (2)
P37064   Dynamic median
P37067   Old cassette player (3)
P37072   Haskell - Binary tree
P37197   Incompatible species
P37257   Function for three equal consecutive digits
P37276   Mariano and Luisito
P37297   Control C101A
P37339   Bridges
P37366   Swapping parentheses
P37390   Product of square matrices
P37445   Trees - Width
P37469   Time decomposition (1)
P37500   First numbers
P37619   Sine
P37743   Lazy Snakes and Ladders
P37760   Trigonometry
P37813   Crazy numbers
P37902   Interval covering
P38045   Computing square roots and squares
P38073   Signed graph
P38211   Queens (3)
P38218   Black eyes and blue eyes
P38542   Knock Knock
P38614   Control C201A
P38716   Barcelona's trams
P38753   Graphs (3)
P38763   Filesystem
P38877   Reversing a list of words (4)
P38906   Maximum of minima
P39057   Computing areas
P39136   Vampiric politicians
P39225   I-th (1)
P39308   Divisors in order
P39359   Squares (3)
P39399   Longest palindrome
P39586   Weighted shortest path (4)
P39799   Circles (2)
P39846   Treasures in a map (4)
P39965   Solitaire of the stones (1)
P40017   Goose to Goose, what do I have to lose?
P40040   Tears in rain
P40088   The greedy frog
P40128   Setting the video
P40129   ISBN codes
P40155   Calculator
P40306   String subsequence
P40380   Phylogenetic trees
P40479   Painting a board
P40558   Sorting with priority queues
P40593   Next one in the series
P40685   Equal sums (1)
P40710   Petrol stations
P40802   Cheapest Routes
P40902   Casino
P41108   Pandemic-FIB
P41202   The game of trains
P41221   Sum of three integer numbers
P41239   Old tennis players love playing cards
P41412   Insertion sort
P41641   Mutations of viruses
P41867   Water deposits
P42042   Classification of characters (1)
P42156   Reversing a list of words (5)
P42280   Chess board (1)
P42523   Recursive greatest common divisor
P42568   Printing cool words
P42596   Control C401B
P42669   VLSI circuits
P42672   Mixing in base 2
P42934   Hamiltonian cycle of minimal cost
P43134   Substring substitution
P43135   Leap years
P43164   Treasures in a map (5)
P43557   Perfect primes (hard version)
P43694   The jumping knight
P43809   Tattooed thugs
P43845   Xorability
P43850   Uncle Ernie the Magician
P43859   Weighted shortest path (1)
P43961   RPG shopping
P44029   Playing with numbers
P44243   Spirals
P44291   No wells
P44496   Swimming pool (2)
P44576   F010A. List of students
P44592   Chariots of fire
P44731   Chess
P44833   Product of numbers
P44849   Moria
P44911   Heap of boxes
P44991   William Wilson
P45102   Completely parenthesed expression
P45106   Are trees?
P45111   Investment with stack
P45126   Grammars
P45146   numbers and LETTERS
P45234   Is it cyclic?
P45300   Balance beam (2)
P45462   Stupid people
P45484   Magic square
P45584   Number of triangulations
P45616   Clock
P45675   Primes and moduli
P45829   Fields
P45836   Min-Max Matrix
P45867   Pizzanomicón
P45965   Zeros and ones (2)
P46254   Distance between two points
P46494   The tell-tale heart
P46540   Perfect numbers
P46584   Array difference
P46634   Maximum cost of a path (1)
P46641   Travelling worm
P46672   Optimal trip
P46713   Velociraptors 201
P46736   P0005. Hamming numbers
P46903   Drawing parallelepipeds
P47121   The Boneli test
P47175   Bonxie attack
P47298   HAL's billiard pools
P47386   Gossip
P47592   A Monster for Gallina's owner
P47610   Never trust Ivan
P47959   To read or not to read
P48107   Integer division and remainder of two natural numbers
P48188   The one of the edition distance (II)
P48198   Betting tax
P48260   All correct parenthesizations
P48675   Superposition of many rectilinear skylines
P48713   Primality
P48760   Dyslexic taxi driver
P48762   Saturday Night Fever
P48763   Clock
P48848   Without loops!
P49052   Balanced sequences
P49499   The game of Nim (2)
P49602   NUMBERS and letters
P49603   Lines in order (2)
P49809   Lowest common ancestor
P49889   Consonants and vowels
P49965   Coloma, the cosmic shepperd dog
P50036   Horner scheme
P50084   Numerology
P50095   Next prime number
P50327   Reversed number
P50427   Missing keys (2)
P50497   Is it a palindrome?
P50538   Marriage agency
P50688   Rational numbers
P50709   Collection of numbers
P50726   F005A. Paraules de Fibonacci
P50778   Optimal separation
P50934   Apocalypse Now
P51014   Dewey's plants
P51025   Pig Latin
P51064   Avoiding three-in-a-row
P51080   Diameter of the trees
P51126   Intervals (1)
P51153   Pairs of a sequence (2)
P51222   Recursive number of digits
P51271   Is it a power?
P51422   Crematoria-FME
P51435   Cool permutations
P51461   Meal deals
P51499   Christmas raffle
P51603   Trams of Berlin
P51803   Training for the World Finals
P51956   Python - Functions with lists
P52016   Pongos
P52023   Reverse Polish notation
P52074   Two coins of each kind (2)
P52155   Width of the trees
P52199   Is this a DFS traversal?
P52205   Mergesort
P52233   Matrices of words
P52248   False induction
P52274   Circles (3)
P52289   The one of the greatest common subword
P52363   Jaher's suitcase
P52369   Solitaire of the stones (2)
P52373   The script of the battlefield reporter
P52484   Equal digits
P52564   String concatenation
P52569   Old cassette player (1)
P52637   Tower of Hanoi
P52741   Nexus-6 revolt
P52846   At the end on the right
P52847   Maximum of three different integer numbers
P52853   Lowest common ancestor
P52926   Reversing a list of words (2)
P52945   Just a few numbers
P52993   A Tale of Peter, Paul and Mary
P52998   Old cassette player (2)
P53018   Heavy-light decomposition
P53046   From one to en (2)
P53202   P0018. Azathoth numbers
P53274   Ged the archmage
P53361   Rational numbers (3)
P53390   Concatenations (2)
P53547   Tiny bishops
P53666   Recursive sandwiches
P53951   Snakes!
P54070   Rightmost position of insertion
P54384   Longest paths
P54504   Card game
P54581   Game of Nim for three players
P54711   P0017. Maya numbers
P54747   Broken palindromes
P54824   Set of sets
P54928   Tic-tac-toe
P55027   De Bruijn sequences (2)
P55043   Digital rivers
P55168   F003A. Pentadiagonal matrices
P55307   P0003. Friend numbers
P55375   Number of rotations (2)
P55376   Bus number 74
P55470   Counting problem (4)
P55622   Number of digits (1)
P55691   Adding fingers
P55713   Global firefighters
P55722   Iterative number of digits
P55760   Rebounds
P55982   F006A. Can you add up?
P56059   A0001. Cool lines
P56109   Telephones
P56118   Maximum of two integer numbers
P56143   Farmers and knight
P56164   The streets of Barcelona
P56272   Chained pawns
P56276   The thirty-five camels
P56358   Add and subtract one second
P56416   Hamiltonian paths
P56483   Graphs (1)
P56549   Changes of base
P56559   Intervals (2)
P56635   Rectangles (1)
P56659   Palindromes
P56691   To play or not to play
P56724   Simple types and strings (1)
P56892   The problem of ``the Game''
P57013   Conquest
P57148   Consecutive non-primality
P57181   Maximum perimeter
P57404   Control C301A
P57443   Barcodes
P57474   Iterative factorial
P57548   Sum of two integer numbers
P57656   Subgraph isomorphism
P57666   P0015. Format of the numbers
P57669   Recursive traversal of a tree
P57710   A missing letter
P57846   Maximum of two integer numbers
P57852   Greatest common divisor of four
P57882   Control C301C
P57928   A grid game
P57940   Snaky
P58153   Harmonic numbers (2)
P58294   The answer
P58459   Valid dates
P58512   Interest rates
P58570   The sixth friend
P58653   Classification of characters (2)
P58661   Cake orders
P58819   Function to fatten numbers
P58851   King and jewels
P58904   Left child, right sibling (2)
P59112   Spirals
P59168   Word wrapping
P59282   Statistical measures
P59332   The Wheel of Fortune
P59380   Dynamic maximum sum
P59506   Some sequences of bits (3)
P59539   Harmonic numbers (1)
P59652   Read a rational number (1)
P59669   Maximum matching
P59875   Top to bottom
P59892   Barbarian tribes
P59994   Shirikodama preservation
P60219   Easy game?
P60296   Role classification
P60373   Pseudo-dichotomic search
P60796   Treasures in a map (2)
P60816   Reversed number in hexadecimal
P60825   Pythagoras' theorem
P61061   Product of digits
P61120   Trees - Height
P61342   Psychopathic elevator
P61365   Optimal fly
P61384   Recursive double factorial
P61396   A tree game
P61473   Symmetric matrix
P61627   The trilero of la Rambla
P61634   Leap years
P61833   Powers of a matrix
P61920   Sink the fleet
P61930   Multiples of three
P62059   Sum of the elements behind
P62097   String rotations
P62113   Two coins of each kind (1)
P62138   Topological orderings
P62143   Least common multiple
P62266   Huffman codes
P62285   The FME graph (1)
P62313   Doublemaze
P62355   Bases and bars
P62390   Simulating recursion (1)
P62421   Three words
P62467   Bars (1)
P62627   TSP
P62653   Ticket distribution
P62723   Sorting a permutation
P62842   Travel optimization
P62974   Turtle Graphics Sabotage
P62996   Damned and Fooled
P63069   Number of rotations (1)
P63146   The game of Nim (3)
P63183   Filling the bag
P63227   Multisets (1)
P63257   Close equal numbers
P63356   The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
P63370   Judge (2)
P63414   Counting frequences
P63448   Integer roots
P63584   K-th element
P63648   Turning off lights
P64031   Chess tournament
P64042   Easy game (1)
P64069   Permutations and cycles (2)
P64151   Solar rocket
P64196   Monic irreducible polynomials
P64266   Fish Slapping in Henceforthshire
P64361   Le Tour de France
P64456   Navigating a tree
P64493   Optimal separation
P64555   F006B. Manhattan distance
P64777   Flipped parentheses
P64789   Control C401A
P64854   Sorting by the number of divisors
P64919   Pattern in a matrix
P64976   Control C201B
P64984   Two trains and two flies
P65072   Palindromes with stacks
P65103   I-th (3)
P65152   Uppercase and lowercase words
P65166   Guess the number
P65201   Carambole (1)
P65437   Swap
P65534   Optimal choice
P65538   Mode
P65553   Boardgames
P65688   Bag of peanuts
P65751   Cheapest triangulation
P65796   Amicable numbers
P65849   Cassette
P65875   Lazy Snakes and Ladders (2)
P65894   Firefighters and grannies (2)
P65945   99 problems in Haskell - Part 1 (Lists)
P66047   F003B. Twin numbers
P66257   The most frequent element
P66313   Hamming distance
P66413   Recursive traversal of a general tree
P66567   Constant force
P66622   Crematoria-FIB
P66664   Frequencies on a board
P66705   Sorting words
P66768   Game of rectangles
P67099   Guess the number
P67136   Trees and parenthesis
P67171   The return of el campanar de la Torrassa
P67189   Pandemic-FME
P67268   Reverse of sequences
P67329   DNA
P67340   F010B. Threatening bishops
P67356   Role fight
P67363   Average and median
P67430   Fractals
P67454   Counting a's (2)
P67490   Voronoi diagrams
P67710   Graffiti covering
P67723   Greatest common divisor
P67731   Jaccard index
P67923   Sokoban
P67933   Counting cool words
P68007   The five disks
P68087   Placid subsets
P68155   Cartesian products of lists
P68188   To the end and to the right
P68269   The fall of the House of Usher
P68314   Fibonacci-like sequences
P68483   LAPAO translator
P68540   Haskell - Computations (2)
P68571   Crowded line
P68602   Sorting models
P68644   Push negations
P68688   Hello world!
P68813   Correct expressions
P68836   F008A. Badenic dates
P68936   Weighted shortest path (5)
P69088   A game of digits
P69197   Concatenations (1)
P69217   Radix sort
P69277   First cubes
P69283   Cover a square with rectangles
P69326   Rosswell wolves and cows
P69348   From one to en (1)
P69424   New times
P69643   Checking parenthesis
P69756   From one to en (3)
P69781   Collatz pseudo-sequences (2)
P69865   Picking up coins
P69932   The longest sequence
P69990   Ivan's disqualification (1)
P69991   Classification of sequences (1)
P70046   Words with a, b and c (2)
P70093   Array merge
P70102   Maximum cost of a path (2)
P70269   Second most frequent letter
P70355   Conveyor belts
P70441   Greedy competition
P70540   Haskell - Expressions
P70578   Partial sums
P70672   Pirates
P70690   Treasures in a map (1)
P70756   Partitions
P70827   Closest pair
P70867   Similar statements (1)
P70868   New cults
P70914   Multisets (2)
P70943   Four letters
P70952   Sum of polynomials
P70955   How many seconds are they?
P71082   Text decryption
P71268   Towers
P71310   Scalar product
P71311   Become a professional bio-scientist
P71356   Old Dalmatian
P71496   Cuts
P71649   Count and add
P71701   Peaceful kings
P71711   Zig-zag
P71753   Maximum of each sequence
P71775   Haskell - Definition of higher-order functions (2)
P71916   Anagrams
P72202   To piss or not to piss
P72222   Velociraptors 101
P72315   Interleaving of numbers
P72452   F001B. Goldbach's Conjecture
P72484   Rhombus
P72545   Select from two sorted arrays
P72581   Practical numbers
P72633   Densest subtree
P72822   Hats on and off
P72986   Polynomial evaluation (2)
P72994   Fibonacci numbers (1)
P73039   Dominoes
P73160   Tennis tournament
P73231   Maximum of four integer numbers
P73242   X marks the spot
P73468   Fire!
P73501   Increasing pairs
P73574   Similar statements (4)
P73639   The Cthulhu Equation
P73645   Replicants' IDs
P74219   Fibonacci numbers (2)
P74274   Fight for the throne
P74306   Horizontal lines
P74317   Horizontal puzzle
P74421   Christmas gift
P74425   A board solitaire game
P74495   Lower & upper
P74548   Sebastian's toy-friends
P74688   Choose three points
P74715   Missing keys (1)
P74753   The lost sequence
P74845   Cooperative game
P74859   I-th (4)
P75018   Diamonds
P75142   Bags and boxes
P75149   Looking for an a
P75697   Morse code
P75810   Cryptocaesar
P75985   Odd Catalan numbers
P76024   Sum of fractions
P76043   Painting vertices
P76081   No Brainer
P76214   Jumping kangaroo
P76309   New species
P76480   Smallest lexicographic path
P76554   Covering with intervals
P76591   Mate in one
P76807   Sudoku
P76893   Superposition of two rectilinear skylines
P76915   Minimum cost of a correct parenthesization (1)
P76991   Lazy employees
P77072   Compressor
P77227   Jump, jump
P77353   Number of shortest paths
P77686   Palindromic numbers
P77715   Pangrams
P77839   Old teletext
P77859   Collection of words
P77860   Percentile
P77893   Subsquares in a matrix
P77907   Haskell - Functions with numbers
P77940   Traffic signals
P77983   Sorting a permutation
P78006   Roller coaster velociraptor
P78101   Hop-Frog
P78142   Average
P78394   Counting trees
P78548   Reversing words (1)
P78605   Petr's problem
P78721   A badly placed word
P78898   Consonants and vowels
P78955   Even more Sudokus
P79123   P0012. Diabolical numbers
P79292   Queues of a supermarket (3)
P79329   Substring search
P79374   Rachael's clons
P79387   Transformation to odd digits
P79494   Més Sudokus
P79534   P0006. Fantastic numbers
P79535   Labyrinth
P79784   Movements on the ground
P79817   Powers
P79860   Bars (2)
P79936   Robotic bullfighting
P80094   Honest politicians
P80595   How many inversions?
P80618   Haskell - Queue (1)
P80631   Eating machine (2)
P80660   The sequence of Collatz
P80868   P0014. Numerical valleys
P80964   Another problem of the edit distance
P80968   Product of two primes
P81018   2048
P81073   Selection sort
P81104   F001A. Students at the FIPS
P81453   Shortest path
P81585   Equal to the sum of the rest (I)
P81602   Selection sort
P81629   Minimum change
P81826   Some sequences of bits (1)
P81846   Soldiers in row
P81966   Dichotomic search
P81991   Convicts in jail
P82060   ASCII stoichiometry
P82111   Word square
P82232   Prefixes
P82243   Tiles
P82250   Problem setter's tough life
P82299   Ivan's disqualification (2)
P82374   Control C102A
P82409   Writing parentheses
P82660   Equal sums (2)
P82891   Pseudoperfect numbers
P82924   Sorting
P82952   Rectangles (2)
P83317   Hash tables
P83364   Numbers with no forbidden prefixes
P83390   Dividing a field
P83396   Queues of a supermarket (2)
P83564   Powers of words
P83588   Height of trees
P83712   Two rows of numbers
P83997   Sum insertion
P84060   Football corruption
P84185   Currency converter
P84219   First occurrence
P84293   Even more sequences of bits
P84298   No difference multiple of four
P84412   Alphabetically smallest word
P84415   Bag of words
P84492   Rock-paper-scissors (2)
P84528   F007A. Do we play ships?
P84584   Rational numbers (2)
P84591   Python - Functions with numbers
P84609   How many paths?
P84615   Omiai
P84639   Counting problem (3)
P84723   Euler's flat in Zurich
P84735   Smallest multiple
P84786   Circles (1)
P85038   Function optimization
P85062   Sudoku
P85110   De Bruijn sequences (1)
P85166   Milan cemetery
P85280   Easy game (2)
P85288   Towers of Hanoi
P85370   Interest (1)
P85480   Pairs of a sequence (1)
P85696   Rational numbers (1)
P85783   Pillars
P85975   Retiring replicants
P86176   Celebrity
P86236   Soccer table
P86263   Arithmetic derivative
P86396   Count the last word
P86489   Konnichi wa, OIE-san
P86495   Painting windows
P86534   Mode
P86813   Lambda calculus
P87082   Haskell - Body mass index
P87093   Grandparents and grandchildren
P87148   Equal Subset Products
P87164   Domino rectangles
P87198   Easy octagons
P87462   Pac-man
P87501   Walk and jump
P87523   Hello-bye
P87741   Words with a, b and c (1)
P87782   Basic (1)
P87801   Word search puzzle
P87812   Final exams
P87829   Tiles
P87919   The one of the coins
P87920   Equal to the sum of the rest (II)
P87974   Haskell - Hello / Bye
P88060   F004A. Layers of onion
P88087   Control C501C
P88124   Lists (1)
P88165   Hangman
P88222   Mad Max
P88410   Roses and pots (1)
P88439   Bells of Torrassa
P88452   Choir essay
P88567   Adding subrectangles
P88665   Velociraptors 301
P88760   Zamburguesas
P88790   Iterative greatest common divisor
P88868   Counting suffixes
P88905   Products of matrices
P88921   Scape from the maze
P89078   First position
P89124   Sieve of Eratosthenes
P89133   Filthy room
P89178   The one of the binary search
P89193   The National Geological Survey
P89247   Cerca amb finestra
P89248   Antipalindromic words
P89265   Intervals (3)
P89318   Forbidden words
P89336   Reversing a list of words (6)
P89342   P0007. Egyptian numbers
P89407   F004B. Stable products
P89454   Sudoku (1)
P89851   Which is missing?
P89867   Classificaction of sequences (2)
P89872   Second maximum word
P89942   Paradoxical tests
P89979   Lines in order (1)
P90133   Logarithms
P90225   Some Hamiltonian paths
P90226   Comparison of words
P90339   Permutations
P90371   Kumba numbers
P90532   Countries and provinces (1)
P90615   Maximum of three integer numbers
P90619   Two trains
P90620   Pica d'Estats
P90664   Perfect primes
P90677   Haskell - Definition of higher-order functions (1)
P90688   The one of Indiana Jones
P90697   Fermat's last theorem (3)
P90755   Middle digits
P90766   Treasures in a map (3)
P90861   Queues of a supermarket (1)
P90865   Strongly connected components
P91173   Collatz pseudo-sequences (1)
P91283   Rose windows
P91432   P0009. Solvent economics
P91736   Multiples of seven
P91748   Latin square
P92008   Minimal change
P92016   Curious subsequences
P92025   Richi Pichichi S.A.
P92039   Symbolic systems of equations
P92088   Hidden words
P92237   The rays box
P92351   Integer division and remainder of an integer number by a natural number
P92480   At the harbour of Barcelona
P92544   Holidays
P92553   Homer's problem
P92613   Rounding
P92727   Sadistic coach
P92739   "Simplex"
P92765   Trees - Searching in a binary search tree
P92776   Trees - Inserting in a binary search tree
P92795   Balance (1)
P92844   Bounding rectangle
P92845   Pool table (1)
P92998   Reversing a list of words (3)
P93090   F008B. Addition of fractions
P93157   Read a rational number (2)
P93424   Separating in lines
P93428   Delivery man
P93533   Numbers in base -2
P93588   Haskell - Usage of comprehension lists
P93625   Binomial coefficients
P93632   Haskell - Usage of higher-order functions (1)
P93682   Bishops
P93727   Old pals
P93741   Satisfiability
P93774   Fractal pictures
P93796   Towers of Hanoi
P93873   Permutations and cycles (1)
P94014   Haskell - Fibonacci again (1)
P94030   Patterns
P94107   Factorization
P94143   Aggressive rooks
P94262   Word search
P94330   How to die?
P94336   Maximum consecutive subsequence
P94654   Football rivalry (2)
P94818   Inserting in a binary search tree
P94819   On the beach
P94857   Fermat's last theorem (3)
P95178   Painting rectangles
P95206   P0011. Distance of Hamming
P95248   Swedish coins (1)
P95401   Function for leap years
P95498   Common scores
P95523   The supermarket of the army
P95872   Sudoku (2)
P95909   Last super-last one
P95972   Sum of divisors
P96116   Unlikely events
P96199   2 X 1
P96275   Absolute value
P96293   Control C501B
P96413   Erdős number (2)
P96432   Secret Santa
P96448   Lemon tree
P96460   F005B. Russian dolls
P96529   Keys and parenthesis
P96556   Increasing subsequences
P96564   Least common multiple
P96589   Control C101C
P96767   Polynomial evaluation (1)
P96833   Simple game?
P96965   Reduction of digits
P97020   Pacific rooks
P97058   Friend numbers
P97156   Numbers in an interval
P97291   Meeting arrangement
P97301   Haskell - FizzBuzz
P97323   Bingo (1)
P97400   Seven and a half
P97589   Product of matrices
P97780   Zeroes of polynomials
P97803   Library
P97833   Psychological comfort
P97969   Counting a's (1)
P98089   Interpersonal dislikes
P98123   Filling the bag
P98179   Insertion into a sorted table
P98259   Searching for the telecos
P98345   The Dislex-Wonga test
P98423   Robots (1)
P98436   Trees - Recursive traversal
P98458   Minimum and maximum
P98503   Epic sprint
P98532   DNI (again)
P98563   Without consecutive consonants
P98577   El campanar de la Torrassa strikes back
P98620   Knight jumps
P98714   Spider tree
P98733   Berenice
P98817   Primers Bessons
P98835   Sum of subsequences
P98957   Haskell - Infinite lists (1)
P98960   Uppercase and lowercase letters
P98985   Roller coaster
P99109   Control C101B
P99133   Reversing words (2)
P99488   I2F03. Level order traversal of a binary tree
P99541   Print a line
P99555   Magic squares
P99557   Permutations and cycles
P99583   Football rivalry (1)
P99729   Learning Klingon
P99753   Bi-increasing vector
P99912   Squares in a graph
Q63812   Demo Quiz