F001A. Students at the FIPS P81104


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The Poble Sec School of Informatics stores the information of its students and the marks they have obtained in the subjects they have done in this struct:

string name; // Student’s name int idn; // Student’s IDN vector<Subject> subj; // Subject list of the student };

where |Subject| is:

string name; // Subject’s name double mark; // Between 0 and 10, -1 shows NP };

Using these definitions, implement the function

that searches and returns the mark that the student |idn| has obtained at the subject |name|. If the student does not exist, or if he has not done the subject, or his mark is NP, the function must return −1.

You also have to implement the function:

that calculates and returns the average mark of the subjects in the vector |subj|. To calculate the average mark, NP must be ignored. If all the marks are NP or the vector is empty, the mean mark is −1.

Using the previous functions, you must implement:

that counts and sets in the output parameter |counter| the number of students in the vector |stu| that have a average mark greater than the mark that student |idn| has obtained at the subject |name|.


There are not repeated students. In the list of subjects of each student there are not repeated subjects.


The main program is already done; do not modify it. This program reads the student’s data, then prints the result of your |count()| function for each combination student-subject of the input.

(In the instance, the average marks of Helen, Michael, Peter, Alicia, Paul, John and George are respectively 9.5, 8, 0, 5.25, −1, 9.25 and −1. The 2 in the output corresponds to Helen and John. The 1 corresponds to Helen. The 5 correspond to Helen, Michael, Peter, Alicia and John).

Public test cases
  • Input

    Helen_OConnell       12345678  4  P1 9   PHYSICS 9.5   IC 9.5   ALGEBRA 10
    Michael_Martin       77777777  3  ANALYSIS 8   P1 7   IC 9
    Peter_Great_Disaster 55599666  4  P1 0   PHYSICS -1   ALGEBRA 0   IC 0
    Alicia_Nottoo_Bad    55511111  4  XC 5   P1 6.5   PHYSICS 5.5   IL 4
    Paul_No_Registration 55544444  0
    John_Smith           55533333  2  P1 9.25   PHYSICS -1
    George_Calm          66666666  4  P1 -1   PHYSICS -1   IC -1   ALGEBRA -1
    12345678 P1
    55533333 P1
    55533333 PHYSICS
    55533333 PRAP
    11111111 P1


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    Carlos Molina
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