The Virtual Learning Environment for Computer Programming

Improve your programming practice

Jutge.org offers well organized courses with graded problems.

Solve problems in 20 programming languages


Learn functional programming with Haskell

Code your player and compete against your mates

From beginner to expert

Jutge.org offers a collection of graded problems from absolute beginners to expert coders. Follow your progress in the dashboard and increase your rating.

Designed for students and instructors

Jutge.org is an education online programming jugde. Students can enroll in their instructors courses. Instructors can supervise their students.

What is Jutge.org?

Jutge.org is a free educational online programming judge where students can try to solve more than graded problems using 20 different programming languages.

The verdict of their solutions is computed by the Judge using exhaustive test sets run with time, memory and security restrictions.

Features for students

  • Access public courses.
  • Enroll in your instructor's courses.
  • Solve 3000 graded programming problems.
  • Get instant feedback on your solutions.
  • Practice in C++, Java, Python, Haskell and many more programming languages.
  • Absolutely free and no spam.

Features for instructors

  • Automate your correction process.
  • Create your own courses and rosters.
  • Manage your assignment lists.
  • Get instant statistics about your students.
  • Share your courses, lists and documents.
  • Reuse more than 3000 problems.
  • Create your own problems.

Power up your course

Since 2006, Jutge.org is used in several massive courses at UPC and in the Catalan Olympiad in Informatics.