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The Boss of the Area of Support to the Decision Making of the FIB has a list with the IDN and the name of certain students of the UPC. On the other hand, he also has a list that enumerates the marks that some students of the UPC have had in certain subjects of certain centers. Both lists are sorted by IDN.

From these two lists, the boss wants to obtain efficiently a list that detaches the marks from each student, and the average of their marks. He has the program started (see lstlisting attached) and he has asked you to finish it.


The input consists of two lists, each one sorted by IDN and without repeated lines. The lstlisting that defines the data structs and the code that reads the input is already done. Do not modify it!


The output is a list sorted by the IDNs that contains, for each student, his marks and the average of them. The marks must appear in the same order than in the second input list.

Notice that, for each student, you must separate with five white spaces the information of his marks, and then, you must print an empty line. Notice also that if an identifier appears in an input list but it does not appear in the other one, it has not to appear in the output list.

#include <vector> using namespace std; struct Student { int idn; string name; }; struct Mark { int idn; string subj; // subject string sch; // school double mark; }; void read_students(vector<Student>& students) { int m; cin >> m; students = vector<Student>(m); for (int i = 0; i < m; ++i) cin >> students[i].idn >> students[i].name; } void read_marks(vector<Mark>& marks) { int n; cin >> n; marks = vector<Mark>(n); for (int i = 0; i < n; ++i) { cin >> marks[i].idn >> marks[i].subj >> marks[i].sch >> marks[i].mark; } } int main() { cout.setf(ios::fixed); //Set the the format of doubles cout.precision(2); // to write the marks vector<Student> students; vector<Mark> marks; reads_students(students); reads_marks(marks); ... // continue the program }
Public test cases
  • Input

    1312    Charlotte
    5561    Natalie
    7790    Laura      
    8876    Smith
    9386    Martin
    1312    P1  FIB      7
    1312    AL  FIB      8
    2020    IC  FIB      4.8
    5561    P1  FIB      0
    5561    I1  FME      6.5
    7790    P1  FIB      10
    9386    I1  FME      10


    1312 Charlotte
         P1 FIB 7.00
         AL FIB 8.00
         average: 7.50
    5561 Natalie
         P1 FIB 0.00
         I1 FME 6.50
         average: 3.25
    7790 Laura
         P1 FIB 10.00
         average: 10.00
    9386 Martin
         I1 FME 10.00
         average: 10.00
  • Input

    123456789    Mary
    987654321    P1  FIB      5


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    Professorat de P1
    Carlos Molina
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