This is a guide for managing exams (and contests) using the web interface. A contest is a special case of an exam in which all the students have the same problems, and everyone can see a ranking which orders the participants following similar rules to the ACM Contests.

To create an exam you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to Instructor->Exams->Create.
  2. Fill in the first information fields.
  3. Select the course field. If there is no course, you must create one. Remember that all students you invite to the exam will have to be invited, or enrolled, to that course.
  4. If you want the exam to be a contest, check the contest box.
  5. Select the expected start time. It is just an information for students: the exam will start when you want.
  6. Introduce the running time of the exam, in minutes.
  7. The protection field can be useful when you want to make sure the students have to be at a specific location to make the exam (i.e. they cannot do it at home). It has three options. The first one is 'Random code for each student': before each student can start the exam, you will have to give him his own exam code. The second one is 'Same code for all students', meaning that you will have to give the students the exam code, but it will be the same for everyone. The last option is 'Open exam', which means that the students do not need any code to start the exam.
  8. Finally, select which compilers will be available for the problem submissions in the exam and click 'Select exam'.

Once the exam has been created it is time to add students to it:

  1. Locate the newly created exam in the list (it should be the last one) and select 'Edit'.
  2. Select the tab 'Students'.
  3. Click 'Add students'.
  4. Introduce the email addresses of all the students you want to add to the exam, separated with spaces or newlines.
  5. Introduce the problems of the exam. This step is a different for normal exams and contests. If the exam is not a contest, each problem introduced will be represented by its identifier 'PXXXXX'. If the exam is a contest, you also have to specify a color (each problem will have a balloon associated with it) so the problem will be represented by 'PXXXXX:color', where color can be: pink, white, purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, green or black. In any case, the problems have to be separated with spaces or newlines. The order of the problems will be respected in the exam.
  6. If the students you are adding are invited (meaning that they must appear in the ranking, but not be assigned a position number) check the 'Invited' box.
  7. Finally, click the 'Create exam student' button. If an error appears saying that some students are not invited to the course of the exam, you should invite them, before you can add them. You can add more students by repeating this procedure, but make sure you introduce the same problems every time.

When you want to start the contest, you will have to do a few more steps:

  1. Go to the contest page:
  2. Introduce your email and your password. Press the 'Enter' key.
  3. Select your exam from the list. If it does not appear, click 'Show all exams'.
  4. Leave the 'Exam password' empty, and click 'Log in'.
  5. You will see the information page of the exam. If the exam protection was set to 'Same code for all students', the exam password will appear here. If it was 'Random code for each student', it will appear in the students page (Students->[Student name]).
  6. To start the exam, go to Actions and click 'Start now!'.
  7. Now the students can log in, using the same procedure as you did, but also introducing the exam password (if the exam protection was not set to 'Open exam').

When the exam is running, there are some things you can do.

  • Increment the exam time for all the students: go to 'Actions', introduce the time increment (in minutes) and, optionally, the reason of the increment.
  • Increment the exam time for a specific student: go to 'Students', locate the student, click on his name and introduce the increment as before.
  • Ban a student: if you want a specific student not to take part in the exam anymore, go to the student page as the previous point, introduce the reason of the ban (optional) and click on 'Ban'. You can also 'Unban' a previously banned student.
  • Finish a student: every student should click on Information->Finish (not visible in the Instructor menu) when they finish the exam. If you detect that a student has left but has not clicked the 'Finished' button, you can do it yourself: go to the student page as before, and click on 'Finish'. You can also 'Unfinish' a finished student.

Once the exam has finished it is interesting to download all the submission the students have made. To do so, you must log in in the normal Jutge page ( and go to Navigation->Exams->As tutor and click 'Download submissions' in the exam you want.